Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Crease – Tutorial

Hola Everyone!

I’m back with a big one – after many days trying to find some time to prepare this for you, I finally managed to spare a few minutes and create this tutorials, which to be quite honest, I am quite proud of how it turned out. I knew I had to create a tutorial using some of my brand new pressed glitter eyeshadows which I had bought from a UK based company called Glitter Eyes. I got around 6 of these just as testers because I wanted to make sure they were great quality before I decide whether or not I should start selling them on my online store. Glad to say that I ended up absolutely LOVING them, so much so that the only thing concirning me is how the heck am I going to have the strength to send them out to my customers. I want them all to myself!! I guess I’ll have to make the sacrifice 😛

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Crease Tutorial

What inspired me to create this particular looks is actually a bunch of videos going around on facebook. So many people are sharing a certain someone (I have no idea who it is) creating similar eye makeup looks, involving some sort of smokey cut create and a lovely sparkling glittery lid. Every time I happen to stumble on one of these mini videos I’m like ‘What they heck is keeping me from re-creating this?’, and then I realise it’s because I didn’t have any good quality glitters! So as soon as I got my hands on these babies I could not wait to try it out. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1:

Start by priming your lids! This is extremely important, even more than when using regular eyeshadows. You cannot risk your eyelids getting super oily, because this will effect the adhesive which we will be using to stick the glitter onto our eyelids – and just imagine all that glitter slowly sprinkling from your eyes while you’re out at a wedding or at the clubs – not what we are going for.

Step 2:

Star by creating the cut crease. You want the end result of this cut create to be really dark and black, but to get the best results it’s always better to start with lighter colours and then darken your way up to black. So first off, I started by dusting some brown eyeshadow into the crease. You just want to warm this area up and help create a good gradient later on with the cut crease. Make sure to blend well by using windshield wiper movements with a nice fluffy brush. For this step I used my Makeup Geek eyeshadow in the shade Frappe and then I darkened it out a bit further with Cocoa Bear.

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Crease Tutorial

Step 3:

Slowly start carving the crease with a good black eyeshadow. I used a flat top eyeshadow brush to do this as I find it has the best precision. With the shade Corrupt, also by Makeup Geek, I slowly traced a V-shape going from my outer eye corners to the start of my crease and then created the curve in the crease area. It’s kind of hard to explain but the photo should give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Crease Tutorial

Step 4:

Taking Cocoa bear again, I slowly  blended out the harsh black line which I had just created, but the time we need to be more careful and precise since we do not want to diffuse the whole thing out. Instead of a regular fluffy blending brush, I used a flat eyeshadow brush which is not too stiff and used the tips of it to blend the black line nicely. You want the black to fade out upward – it’s best not to blend onto the lids as we need this area to be absolutely blank for the application of the glitter.

Step 5:

Continuously and slowly add more black into the crease – you want to create a gradient going to dark black to brown and fading off into your skin. Do not blend up to high to your brow bone – you do not want to look like you just got punched in the face. During this whole process try to keep the outer corner as sharp as possible (as is in my photo under step 6). If it does get a bit sloppy during the blending, don’t worry – just take a baby wipe or some makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe the excess off. This is why I prefer starting with my eyes rather than the rest of my face, as otherwise I would end of taking some of my foundation and concealer off while cleaning up work.

Step 6:

Time to tidy out the lid, in preparation for the glitter. I took a stiff concealer brush and cleaned the edge of the cut crease with a good concealer. I ended up covering the whole lid while I was at it, even though I didn’t really need it. You could use an eyelid primer which has some good coverage to it instead of a regular concealer.

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Crease Tutorial

Step 7:

Normally I would move to the eyeliner once all of the products on the lid are done and dusted, but in this case I decided to create a winged liner with a my gel eyeliner by BH Cosmetics before I actually apply the glitter. The main reason for this is the it would be extremely difficult to apply the gel eyeliner on top of the glitter – the result would just be too messy and uneven. Therefore take it from me and finish off the gel liner before applying the glitter.

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Create Tutorial

Step  8:

Time to turn these eyes into disco balls – and I mean that in the best possible way. Now the tricky thing about eye glitter is that it’s a heck of a headache to make them stick. When I tried in the past, I hadn’t the slightest clue how to make it work – but this time I had the specially made adhesive by Glitter Eyes which I ordered together with my glitter. They’ve got a gel kind and a liquid kind, but I decided to get the liquid. All I had to do it is add a couple of drops onto a flat synthetic eyeshadow/concealer brush, sweep it against the glitter and slowly pat onto my eyelids – Hey presto they are stuck and not going anywhere 🙂 Whilst applying, try to get the least amount of glitter on the gel eyeliner as possible – but it you do end up overlapping some areas, don’t worry, you can either try picking them off (gently) with a pair of tweezers or else just draw right over them with the same gel liner use in step 7.

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Create Tutorial

Step 9:

The bulk of the look is ready, and now all that is left are the finishing touches. First off let’s create a bit of balance by adding some warmth to the bottom lid. I took some black eyeshadow (Corrupt by Makeup Geek) on the same flat top eyeshadow brush that I used for the cut crease and shaded some onto the outer half of my lower lash line. I didn’t go all the way in to my inner corners so that the eye looks a bit larger and more open. I blended that out with with a tapered pencil brush and some of Cocoa Bear.

Step 10:

With my new favourite black kohl eyeliner by Milani, I lined my upper and lower waterline to add more depth. Again, I tried leaving the inner half of the lower waterline blank to make the eyes look more open. I also added a little highlighter to my inner eye corners and my brow bone.

Step 11:

And last but definitely not least, I added a pair of dramatic eyelashes – these take the finished look from great way up to AMAZING! The pair I used is one of my favourites at the moment. It actually came in a pack of 5 pairs and I bought them online from a Chinese seller on Ebay. They were super cheap and really great quality – highly recommended!

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Create Tutorial

I hope you like the finished look! I absolutely fell in love with how it turned out – it’s a shame I didn’t have anywhere to go! But it was great testing the glitters by Glitter Eyes out, because then I knew that I absolutely wanted to sell them in my store. Keep an eye out on The Beauty Pixie Store’s Facebook page for updates on when they will be available for purchase:)

Dramatic Gold Glitter with Cut Create Tutorial

Talk to you soon lovelies!


Sweat-Proof Makeup

Makeup that lasts and lasts

When you’ve lived all your life in a country where you sweat even in the coldest of months, it’s only natural that you learn tricks which make your makeup last longer in the hot and humid weather. Here in Malta, it can be as hot as high 30s-Degrees Celsius in Summer – so unless you keep in mind to try and go for bullet proof makeup, you might end up looking like a hot mess by the end of the day. I’m the type of person who can either go out without one drop of makeup, or else have to put on a full face – there are rarely every any in-betweens – So if I do go for the second option, I always aim for a long-wearing result.

Sweat Proof Makeup 4

If you sweat, the first things which will be effected by it probably won’t be your eyes, or lips, but areas like your forehead, around the nose and chin. And what product do we normally put on these areas? Foundation! If you know you’re going to be in the heat for a long time you therefore have two options – go for a long wearing-foundation or just don’t wear foundation at all. But sometimes you just have to look your best, so having no foundation on might not be an option. Just remember that if you have to wear foundation, go for sometime water resistant and I suggest you test it out on your skin before using it for any important occasions. Some of my favourite long-wearing foundations are the Revlon Colourstay foundation, MAC Pro-Longwear and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Also consider priming your face before applying your foundation. Most primers, such as silicone based primers, make your makeup last longer – including days when you get sweaty. The oldest trick in the book which really helps set your foundation is powdering your face. This might leave you with more of a matte finish, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but if you want your makeup to survive through the heat you really should consider powdering. After all,  you could always finish off your makeup with highlighters and illuminators to make your makeup look a little dewy – this would definitely be a better option than choosing to not set your foundation.

Sweat Proof Makeup 2

Sweat can also make your eye makeup crease like crazy – and believe me it is not a pretty sight. So one easy way to prevent this from happening is to also prime your eyelids. Again, eyeshadow primers create a barrier between your skin and your makeup so the sweat will not be able to seep through and won’t effect your gorgeous peepers. Also, if you are going for looks which involve glitter, always use some really good makeup glitter adhesive. Sometimes setting spray just isn’t enough to make pigments or glitter stay put in very warm weather – so you better be safe then sorry. How about your mascara? Ever had one of those nasty black streaks going down from your eyes all the way down to your lips? Well, I have – and believe me since then I switched to waterproof mascara and never looked back. Mascara could really end up ruining your whole makeup application. Once it starts slipping off, it gets uncontrollable and there’s no was to fix it without creating quite a bit of a mess. Same goes for eyeliner – it’s best to stick to the waterproof kind, and in this case you can’t go wrong with using gel eyeliner. Gel eyeliners are normally what I find to be the most water resistant – in fact they’re a bit of a struggle to take off too. But I’d rather make the sacrifice of spending an extra five minutes taking it off then risking looking like a panda during the day.

Sweat Proof Makeup 3

The most long wearing cheek product I’ve ever used are cheek stains. These really do stain your cheeks and you could also use them on your lips. But, if you aren’t into that sort of thing, using a powder blush normally isn’t such a bad option. Also, you could choose to apply a cream blush straight over your foundation and then set everything in place with a translucent powder. Translucent powders are a great way to set your makeup without changing the colour of any of the products which you used before. For the lips, there’s nothing more long wearing than a liquid lipstick. And seeing as they are in trend at the moment, you will definitely find one to suit your liking. Liquid Lipsticks dry matte, and are definitely much more long-wearing than any regular lipstick. But for those of you who find liquid lipsticks to be too drying and not comfortable to wear all day, you can go for a lip stain which give your lips a hint of colour.

Sweat Proof Makeup

And before you leave the house don’t forget to spritz your face with some setting spray – which is also pleasantly refreshing in summer. Make sure to reach all of the area of your face. the best way of doing this is to first spray in a + shape and then in an x shape. And if you’re worried you might still get a little shiny after a while, carry some oil blotting paper with you. These are not only good for absorbing the extra oil, but also sweat, and will make your face look good as new without ruining your makeup.

Quite a long list isn’t it? But all it really takes is switching some products with long-wearing alternatives – and you’ll be set for even the hottest of summer days.

See you soon pixies!!


Sunset Inspired Makeup – Tutorial

Summer Sunsets ❤️

I’m not a big fan of going out, I’m the type of person who feels the most comfortable in my habitat – at home in my bed watching a movie. So if given the option of going out to dinner or ordering take away, I’d probably go for the second one. But when I do feel like going out, especially in a breezy summer night, I always look for good company and a great atmosphere. I am a sucker for sunsets – something about it is so magical and makes me feel like I’m a Disney movie. I could stare at it all day if it were even possible. So when I was invited for a family barbeque last week, I looked at the sunset and thought I should create a makeup look inspired by the scenery there was that evening.

First thing I though of using was my BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. It has so many vibrant colours to choose from, and since they are baked eyeshadows, they all have that lovely shimmer to them. I wanted to capture the lovely red and orange tones that were in the sky that night, but you do have to be carefuly when using reds on your eyelids – you don’t want to look like you’ve got an eye infection or a terrible case of allergies. Here’s how you could do it to get a dramatic yet very wearable result:

Step 1

As always, I started by priming my lids. This time I decided to skip the regular MAC paint pot, and went for my BH Cosmetics Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer. It’s a bit more stiff and not as easy to blend as the MAC paint pot, but once applied it does hold my makeup last longer and does prevent my eyeshadows from creasing. So although I would say I prefer the MAC paint pot, for the price this one by BH Cosmetics is still pretty good.

Step 2

I started off by applying the bright red shade called Jupiter in the Galaxy Chic palette all over my lids. I applied this quite generously all over, as the intensity will wear off during the rests of the tutorial. To get the best amount of pigmentation possible I sprayed some of my MAC fix + onto my brush before dipping into the eyeshadow.

Sunset Inspired Tutorial

Step 3

With a fluffy blending brush i took some of the shade called Venus which is a nice vibrant orange colour and applied to my crease from the outer to the inner corners in windshield wiper motions. I kept applying until I got a nice gradient between the red and the orange. You don’t want any harsh lines to show up between both colours. Sometimes I alternated by applying some more of Jupiter onto the lids if I found the colour was fading off a bit too much while blending.

Sunset Inspired Tutorial

Step 4

With a flat eyeliner brush I applied some of the lovely brown colour called Mars to my lower lash line. I made sure to gently pat in between the eyelashes but without dragging the colour down too much.

Sunset Inspired Tutorial

Step 5

Taking a tapered pencil brush, I took some of the orange shade called Venus again and diffused some of the brown colour on the lower lash line. Make sure to blend well and also blend into the same colour on the upper lid by connecting the sades on the outer corner of the eyes. I re-applied the brown shade a few more time in between blending just to darken it out a little bit more.

Sunset Inspired Tutorial

Step 6

This look wouldn’t be quite as spectacular without the lovely black gel liner. Let’s face it, rarely do I ever create an eye look without a nice winged liner, but I honestly believe it just makes almost every finished look even better – it obviously might be personal preference so you can easily skip this step.

Step 7

I lined my upper and lower waterline with a black kajal eyeliner to make my eyes look more dramatic. Then I highlighted my brow bone and inner eye corner with the shade Saturn. This shade is an awesome gold tones highlighter shade.

Step 8

To finish it all off I applied my much loved Goddess lashes by Koko Lashes blended by own natural lashes to them by applying some mascara.

That’s it for the eyes! I decided to contour my face only slightly and focused more on bronzing. I did not spend much time on sculpting my cheekbones and other areas of my face, but I did want to warm up my complexion since I do have a bit of a tan at the moment. I also went quite generous with the highlighter, which funnily enough doesn’t show up too good in my photos. In person it looked wonderful, and complimented the eyes very well. For the lips, since the colours on my lids were quite vibrant I decided to simply line and fill them in with a nude lip liner.

Sunset Inspired Tutorial

I hope you liked the look guys! It was quite simple, but really ended up resembling a beautiful sunset. I would imagine it would go really well with a sexy black dress and some heals – if you try it out you better be ready for some double takes 😉

See you soon honey-bunches!


In the Spotlight – Pupa Professionals BB Cream and Primer

The Season for BB Creams

If it were up to me, I would rename BB Creams to Summer Foundations. In summer there’s nothing I love more than a fresh looking light weight application of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I still go for full face of makeup when I go out in the weekends – contour and all. But for everyday chores or work, thick foundation is not what I want to be slopping onto my face. Before the birth of BB creams, I used to resort to tinted moisturizers, which truth be told are practically the same as BB creams but without the added benefits of being a primer and having sun protection.

Pupa BB Cream


Though I like using a base which is lightweight, I still prefer something which provides some coverage and this baby definitely has it. It is definitely not full coverage, but I do see a distinct difference when I put it on. Redness around my nose and blemishes and also other kinds of discoloration on my face are definitely reduced so the overall colour of my skin is evened out. Sometimes I resort to some concealer here and there if I feel like it, but honestly most days this BB creams gives all the coverage I need. So pro no.1  – check! Another thing i noticed is how well it acts as a pore minimizing primer. I feel like it literally makes my enlarged pores around my nose and on my chin disappear. Which brings me onto my next point – It’s is soooooo good to use as a base underneath your foundation. I am always left with such flawless looking skin – it really is amazing because honestly I have some high end primers which don’t work as good as this BB cream. So pros 2 and 3 – check, check!

The one I chose is specifically for oily or combination skin, obviously because I do have combination skin. Most foundations (unless they are super full coverage and long lasting ones like the MAC Pro-longwear or Revlon Colourstay) do not last too long on me. Within a couple of hours I do start looking a bit shiny especially in the nose and forehead regions, so I end up blotting my face throughout the day. When I happen to go to work with just this BB cream and a little bit of translucent powder, it last all 9 hours looking exactly as it did when I had just put it on. So if you have oily skin like me, definitely make sure your get the right one because it is oil free and super long lasting – even in the summer heat. Pro no.4 – check! And for the last pro, which definitely justifies just how right I am to say that their name should be changed to Summer Foundation, is that it has SPF20. Apart from when I expect some flash photography, I absolutely love makeup which has SPF in it. I just feel like I’m giving my face that extra protection to prevent any pre-mature wrinkles which I’m so afraid of. Final Pro – CHECK!

Pupa BB Cream

Honestly I literally sat here for quite a few minutes thinking what I could mention as cons, and I literally can’t think of any. I guess if you prefer things with higher coverage for example, this might not be the best option for you – although it still makes a pretty awesome primer. So I think anyone would benefit from this BB Cream. Obviously I’d suggest that you go for the dry skin version if you have dry skin, and there is also the ‘Anti Eta’ version for any of you with mature skin or want some extra protection from the sun’s rays. It’s fragrance is super light so I doubt it would really bother anyone, and it even comes in a squeeze bottle which makes it easy to dispense.

Pupa – you’ve really done it this time. I love this product, have been using it for weeks now and probably won’t stop until I use the whole thing up.

I’ll talk to you soon ladies!!

oooh and P.S. – keep an eye out on The Beauty Pixie’s Facebook page … there’s some great new coming very soon! 😀



Golden Glow ft. Flormar Cosmetics – Tutorial

It’s that time of the month!

Finally it’s time for another makeup tutorial featuring products by Flormar 🙂 I get really excited when I post these tutorials because they are the only posts which involve videos. And I do admit the video quality is sub par, the background is extremely messy, lighting is crappy and my set up was an extreme DIY project – but nevertheless it’s something I enjoyed creating. Hopefully things will get better as time goes by. The background will definitely change after the next couple months because I will have a brand new room (hallelujah!!) where I intend to film these once we move to our new place. But in the meantime my boyfriend’s messy room will have to do.

For this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a very simple yet stunning look inspired by the golden shades which found in the Flormar Colour Palette Eyeshadow in the shade 004 . I went for an orange toned lip colour and I think it looks really good with the eyes and I also made sure to contour and bronze up my face to give my skin a sun kissed look – perfect for summer. A great tip which I have for you today is to double up the lightest shade in the palette as your highlighter. Most of the time the lightest shade could not only be used to highlight your brow bone and inner eye corner, but also your cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow. Just make sure that it is not blue toned or something like that, it has to be more of a neutral shade such as golden or even slightly pink. I won’t go into much explaining because the video is pretty self-explanatory. I did not use any complicated techniques, so it should be pretty easy to follow if you’d like to. Also, notice the before and after – I honestly never noticed the difference as much as I did when seeing this video for myself …. I guess I’m just not used to seeing pictures or videos of myself without makeup.

The full list of products used by Flormar can be found right below the video!


Products by Flormar used to create this look:

  • Eyebrow Shadow – EB01
  • Colour Palette Eyeshadow – 004
  • Perfect Coverage Foundation – 102
  • Contour Palette – 02
  • Flash Velvet Bronzing Powder – Sun Power
  • Lip Liner – 227Flormar 3
    Flormar 3

All of them are really good product and are of super great quality especially when considering how affordable they are. My faviourite products out of the whole tutorial would have to be the Flash Velvet Bronzing Powder and also their Contour Palette. The bronzer has such a nice shade which is almost slightly pink but in a good way. I like it because it can almost also be used as a blush, but it’s still a good shade to be used as a bronzer. Also it’s really blendable – at first I was a bit shocked with how pigmented it was because it looked like it was going to be way too dark for my skin tone, but when blended out well it leaves a really nice colour on the skin. The contour palette is great first of all because it is quite compact compared to others that I own. All four shades found in the quad are very creamy and easy to blend out. Just be careful to get the right shade of palette for your skin tone. For the rest, the eyeshadows and brow powder where really pigmented and not powdery at all. They do not leave too much fall out and are really easy to apply. The lip liner is also very pigmented and really creamy compared to some other lip liners which I own. I notice that most lip liners tend to be very drying on the lips, but the ones found in this range by Flormar are really comfortable to wear and you could definitely use them by themselves without the need of layering another lip product on top. Also the shade I chose for this tutorial is just stunning, am I right or what?!

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and I’ll see you all very soon!



In the Spotlight – Volume and High Definition Mascara by Stefania D’Alessandro Makeup

For even the most stubborn of lashes

One of the biggest problems which I face when I apply my makeup is getting my eyelashes to stay curled and pointed upwards. My eyelashes are extremely stubborn, to the extent that curling and applying a regular mascara just isn’t enough to make them stay curled all day – which is why I normally end up putting on fake eyelashes. So when I actually manage to find a mascara that defies the laws of physics, the least I could do is write a  review!

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ve definitely heard of the brand Stefania D’Alessandro by now. This brand is not one which is hugely known in Malta, which is a shame, but is mostly just because it’s handled like a treasured gem which is only distributed to those who are worthy of it’s presence – my God I feel poetic right now! Jokes aside, it’s true you can’t find it in most drugstores in Malta, but believe me it is worth hunting for. All the items I’ve tried so far where spectacular, and the same goes for their mascara. Their mascara is probably their most raved products in Malta. It is the product which helped spread the name of the brand around Malta, and I can absolutely understand why.

Let’s start with packaging. Simple, sleek black glossy cylinder-shaped mascara with the standard white logo. It’s classy and expensive looking, and on top of that it comes in a matte plastic box which just makes the item look all the more luxurious. Next off, I just have too talk about the brush. Apart from the formula of the product being awesome all on it’s own, the applicator is also really really good. I am not a big fan of huge and bulky mascara wands, they just don’t work for me. I’ve always been more of a fan of thinner wands because I feel you can coat even the smallest of lashes during application. Thinner wands also make it much easier to coat the lashes on your lower lids. Not only is the wand on this mascara thin, but it is also flexible. The fact that it’s flexible really helps get to the very base of the lashes and this really helps with keeping the lash pointed upward for a long long time.

SDA Mascara

The formula is what you would expect from a product by Stefania D’Alessandro. Just like the eyeliner marker released by the same brand, it is super black which means your lashes will look fuller and thicker. It’s formula also adds a lot of length to the lashes without any clumping.  If you want your lashes to be super long and voluminous, try applying more than one coat. This helps achieve more of a false lash effect. One thing you should keep in mind is that the formula is not waterproof, so it might not be the best mascara to wear if you’re going to your sister’s wedding – just a heads up. Hopefully they will launch a waterproof version of this mascara someday soon, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy the fact that it’s super easy to take off at the end of the day.

Price is identical to their eyeliner, meaning EUR18. I can’t get over how well priced their products are! I mean seriously, Stefania must be the nicest makeup artist in the world for letting people get their hand on her awesome products at such a decent price. So Stefania, if you’re reading this, I would like to say GRAZIE on behalf of the makeup community!

So if you’re fed up of looking for a mascara which will keep your lashes looking long and curled all day, look no further (I seriously feel like I’m in a makeup advert – cheesy much?!) and go get your hands on this product pronto!!

Peace out!


How to Cream Contour – Tutorial

Get ‘Em Chiseled Cheek Bones

We”ve all seen those photos of Kim Kardashian sporting her full on stripy / aztec  looking face. Those dark lines are not there just for kicks, no sir. Those lines created a revolutionary increase in demand for contouring products all over the globe. And the reason is because it works – when you contour like a pro you can change so many features on your face you won’t believe the difference it can make. You can make you nose look slipper, your forehead look smaller, your face look slimmer, cheekbones higher and so much more.

The only problem is that ever since affordable brands are releasing their own contour palettes, many people have at least one lying around in their makeup collection, but so many of them have no clue how to use it to it’s potential. And that’s where I come in! I’m going to give you some tips on how to contour your face in this simple tutorial. I’m not going to go into detail explaining how you can do things such as making your nose look slimmer, as that would be a whole tutorial all by itself. But I’m going to show you the basic areas where you using shades which are found in most contouring palettes and which makes the end result of any makeup look more polished and giving your face more dimension. In this case I will be using cream products just because I feel you can have more control during the application process, plus it gives the most effective result when compared to using powders.

How to Cream Coontour

I like to start off with the highlighting shade. So as you might have noticed, most contour palettes don’t only have the dark shades used for contouring but also a few light shades which are used for highlighting. You want to highlight the areas of your face which you want to brighten and bring forward. So basically what I like to do is take a shade which is at least one shade lighter than my natural skin tone. I like using shades which have a bit of a yellow undertone, just because that’s what works best on me. Taking a flat concealer brush I take some of the cream product and basically start by applying under the eyes in an upside down triangle shape making sure to go all the way up to the lower lash line and straight down the side of the nose. This makes the eyes look more open and gives the overall face a fresher look. Plus you also cover any dark circles or bags which you might have under the eyes. Next I like to highlight the forehead. In my case I don’t drag the product up too high because I have quite a big forehead and I don’t want to make it look any bigger. I also highlight down the bridge of the nose, to make my nose look super straight and also at the tip of the nose to make it look more pointed upwards. Last, I apply some on my cupids bow and chin. Highlighting your cupids bow makes the lips look more full and plump, so I never miss this step. I highlight my chin because I have a cleft which i’m not too fond of. The lighter shade contrasts the shadows which are created by the cleft, so it makes it less noticeable.

How to cream contour

Next I start applying my contour shades . I start by applying a cream contour shade which is one to two shades darker than my skin tone, also with a flat concealer brush. If you’re fair skinned like myself, be careful not to use a shade which is too red, because it might make you look muddy. I would go with more of an ashy or taupe shade. If you have darker skin tones, I think it should be a bit easier for you to choose the right shade. What I like to do is start by carving my cheek bones, so taking some product onto my concealer brush I draw a line right under the cheek bones starting from my hairline all the way down half way through the length to my mouth – one on each side of my face. It might help to make what I call the fishy face so that you can find your cheekbones easier.  Next, I apply some all around the perimeter of my forehead along my hairline. This is something I always do because, as is already said, I have a big forehead due to my heart shaped face and I normally like to make it look a bit smaller. Sometimes I also contour my nose, which isn’t something I do very regularly because I just don’t really think I need it that much. But if you want to do it, you just have to draw a thin line going from my brow bone all the way down the length of my nose on both sides of the line we we created during highlighting. You can make the two lines as narrow as you wish, depending on how narrow you want your nose to look. The rest really depends on your face shape, because honestly not everyone needs the same kind of contouring.

How to cream contour

For example, if you have a square shaped face and you have a wide jaw, you could apply some of the contour shade along your jaw line to make your face look more narrow from that area. People with rounder faces might want to go a bit heavier with their cheek bone contour than others and someone with a long oval shaped face could even apply some onto the chin to make the face look more round. So what I really suggest is to first determine exactly what you want to achieve and then play around with your makeup to see what gives you the best results. Still, the basics are pretty much what I mentioned so hopefully they will help.

How to Cream Coontour

And the last step is to simply blend it all out. I like to use a damp beauty sponge/blender and just pat onto the product until it’s well blended. I normally like to start off with the highlight shade and then move onto the contour shade. Sometimes I also buff the contour shades in with a flat buffing brush, like my Morphe E6 – especially for under my cheekbones. And then I normally bake – but that would have to be explained in a whole other tutorial. Let me know if you want me to post a How to bake your makeup tutorial 🙂

Talk to you soon pretty pixies!


In The Spotlight – Eyeliner Marker by Stefania D’Alessandro Makeup

Permanent Marker for the Eyes

I almost feel like I can just stop there and you’d already get where I’m going with this review. Eyeliner was probably one of the first makeup items which I started experimenting with way back when I was like twelve years old and thought that having makeup meant looking like a melting cake. I can definitely say that I have tried my fair share of eyeliners. Eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners and yes …. also eyeliner pens. What I like about this one is that it is actually called an eyeliner Marker. And that to me makes complete sense.Eyeliner Marker SDA
Imagine if you lined your eyes with a regular permanent marker, that’s how black this eyeliner is. The first time I tried this eyeliner out I just had I couldn’t stop myself from posting a picture on Facebook, because I was literally in awe of how black it was. One tiny swoop and the amount of colour payoff is incredible. The packaging is somewhat simple, the regular black packaging with the Sefania D’Alessandro brand logo printed in white all along the side. When I first saw the tip of the pen I must admit I was a little bit weary because I was normally used to pens which had a thinner and longer tip, which I though made things easier because they are normally a little flexible. When I saw the tip of this eyeliner, I noticed it was shorter and little less narrow and also more rigid then the ones I was used to. When I tried it I actually enjoyed it’s rigidness because I felt I had more control as I drew the line. The pen tip is also very durable. I have had eyeliners in the past were I had to throw out the product simply because the tip was no longer usable. It is areal  pity to have to do that when there is still some product left, but there is just no way to apply it properly. In this case, I have been using the Eyeliner Marker by Stefania D’Alessandro for quite some time now and there are absolutely no signs of wear on the felt tip.
Eyeliner Marker SDA

Apart from how black it was, the other big big plus of this eyeliner is it’s longevity. I’ve tested out many times since I got it and it easily lasts a whole day at work without one single smudge. You can literally rub your eye and it will not smear or fade, it will keep it’s intense black colour through the whole day. Also, it does not flake off, which I have had similar issues with other eyeliner pens in the past. One thing that you must keep in mind though is that it is not waterproof. It will definitely slide off your face if it gets wet, so definitely do not attempt going to the pool with this on – it will not look pretty. But it’s nothing a little setting spray can’t fix though. I personally actually prefer products which are not waterproof just because they are less of a pain to take off at the end of the day.

Eyeliner Marker SDA
Something I have to mention, because I have noticed it effects some people when making a decision whether or not to buy an eyeliner, is that it dries semi-matte. It does not dry completely matte, but doesn’t stay shiny as it is when still wet. Also, it’s important to mention the price. As usual, Stefania D’Alessandro has managed to release a product which, in my opinion, is TOP quality but at an extremely affordable price. This eyeliner is on sale for just EUR18! MA CHE INCREDIBILE!

As you girls know,  you can always ask any questions related to any post which I create on my blog. I actually really enjoy sharing my thoughts and giving you tips, so please feel free to either comments on my posts, send me a facebook message or email me on debbie@thebeautypixie.eu.

I will talk to you soon ladies <3


Classic Glam with Red Lip – Tutorial

Keepin’ it classy

So last Sunday I was about to start my makeup and as usual I was going to go with a soft smoky eye and nude lip. Honestly, I am really quite boring with my makeup especially considering that I’m a makeup artist. But suddenly I was like ‘you know what, no, not today dammit’, so I took out my brand new Mary Jo K by Kylie Cosmetics and decided I was going to rock a red lip instead. Instead of going with the typical winged eyeliner, pin-up sort of look, I wanted to think out the of the box and this is what I came up with. I actually really liked the result, so decided to create a tutorial for you ladies so that you can try it out for yourselves. It’s very simple to re-create.

For the eyes I used my Shaaanxo Palette by BH Cosmetics. I really wanted to post a tutorial using this palette since I am holding a giveaway at the moment on The Beauty Pixie’s Facebook page, where the winner can win this palette (a new one of course). I’ve been using it constantly lately! The fact that it has 9 eyeshadow shades and also 9 lip shades is just so convenient, especially when I spend the weekends at my boyfriend’s house. Now, let’s move onto the tutorial.

Classic Glam with Red Lip

For the eye makeup I used the following products:

  • NXY Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Milk
  • Shaaanxo Palette by BH Cosmetics
  • Longstay Kajal Eyeliner by GoldenRose
  • Volume and Definition Mascara by Stefania D’Alessandro Makeup
  • Soho false eyelashes by Koko Lashes

Classic Glam with Red Lip
I filled in my brows with my eyebrow gel by NYX in the shade Blonde before I did the rest of my eyes. Here’s what I did:

Step 1

I started off by using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil as a base. I love the shade milk because It’s white, so any colour applied on top of it will look much more vibrant. I literally scribbled some onto my lids and then distributed it evenly using a flat concealer brush by Morphe Brushes. I tried not to take it up into the crease and kept it mainly on the lids.

Classic Glam with Red Lip

Step 2

I started off with the lightest colour. If you notice, this look actually gets gradually lighter as we go further up towards the brow bone on the upper lid. It’s better to start with the lighter colours and gradually darken then to apply the darker shades first. The first shade I used was the light peachy colour found in the center row at the furthers left side. Using a tapered blending brush I applied a full line in the crease going from the outer to the inner corners. Then I took a clean fluffy blending brush and started blending it out in windshield wiper motions. Keep adding more until you get some intensity in the colour, always remembering to blend to avoid harsh edges. Also blend a bit upwards.

Classic Glam with Red Lip

Step 3

Taking the red toned brown shade at the center row, furthest right hand side, I created a C-shape with a pencil brush at the outer corners of the lids. Then, taking the same tapered blending brush that we used in Step 2 and some of the previous peach colour, I started blending out the darker colour and dragging it all the way in to the inner corner of the crease. Concentrate on adding a more intense colour in the outer corner in a c shape, but still dragging in some of the colour all the way across the crease. Make sure not the cover the whole lid with this eyeshadow, you want some of the white base to show through at the inner corners.

Step 3b

Step 4

Next I created a somewhat winged liner effect by the lining the lower lid with the darkest shade in the palette (the one at the bottom right corner). I used a flat eyeliner brush to line the lower lash line and then created a wing going upward at the outer corner. I tried avoiding the inner 1/4 of the lash line as we will be highlighting this area later. Once lined, I took a small pencil brush and blended out the line slightly to create a bit of a smokey effect.

Step 4

Step 5

Taking my Longstay Kajal Eyeliner by GoldenRose, I lined by upper and lower waterline.

Step 5

Step 6

In the inner 1/4. of the lash line which we did not line in step 4, I filled this area all the way to the very corner of my eyes with the same NYX Jumbo Pencil we used before, which created a really cute effect and made my eyes look bigger. I also highlighted my brow bone and inner eye corners with some of the shimmery shade at center of the upper row of the palette.

Step 6

Step 7

I threw on some of my current favourite mascara by Stefania D’Alessandro on my top and bottom lashes, and then applied my Soho fake eyelashes by Koko Lashes to finish off the look.

Classic Glam with Red Lip

I think this looked awesome with the red lip and the ton of highlighter I smeared onto my cheek bones. classic and glamorous – I did really enjoyed creating this look and I also got to try out a whole bunch of new makeup – apart from my Shaaanxo palette, which although I got quite recently, this definitely wasn’t my first time using it last Sunday. I hope you like the way it turned out! Go ahead and try it out for yourselves ❤️

Classic Glam with Red Lip

Toodaloo for now pixies!!



In The Spotlight – Stefania D’Alessandro Makeup Compact Eyeshadows

That’s Amore

So I wake up, visit the loo, wash my face and go straight in front of my dresser bouncing like a little kid in a candy store. All of this, because I knew I will be using the Compact Eyeshadows by Stefania D’Alessandro. Honestly, each product I tried so far has been so spectacular that I’ve been getting so excited whenever I get to try something new.

I’ve been lucky enough to be given two full palettes including all the current available colours. Two whole palettes, with 15 shades EACH … can you blame me for getting a bit crazy? As with the loose eyeshadows, you can buy these individually or in palettes. There are 30 shades to choose from, meaning two palettes. The packaging is quite simple. Unlike the loose eyeshadows where the whole packaging was with a clear acrylic, the pressed shadows have a black casing. The casing feels really sturdy and heavy duty, which means that they are great for travelling. The transparent lids help you figure oug the shade of the eyeshadow without having to open the lid. The first palette, known as palette ‘A’ has mostly neutral, pinky and peachy shades. If you’re looking for something with a lot of brown shades, and which you could use to create warm and soft makeup looks, this palette is perfect. Then there is palette ‘B’, which is has very vibrant and colourful options. Both are absolute gorgeous, I fell in love at first sight. I personally would gravitate more toward palette A, but palette B is absolutely mesmerizing to say the least. I can totally see myself creating some beautiful summer looks with palette B, especially with the blue and purple shades.

Stefania D'Alessandro Compacty Eyesadows

Palette A

Needless to say, their pigmentation is astonishing – as expected from such a brilliant brand. Fallout is minimal, though I do always recommend applying an eyeshadow primer before using any of these. This makes sure the eyeshadows last all day without any creasing or smudging. The primer also really helps with making the colour pay-off extra vibrant, especially for the shades which can be found in palette B. My favourite shade overall would have to be Soft Orange, just because I’ve been using these types of peachy orange shades very often lately, especially in the crease area. But overall you can find shades which are perfect as transition colours, crease colours, highlighting shades and shades which you could use all over the eyelids.

Stefania D'Alessandro Compacty Eyesadows

Palette B

What I like about the palettes is that each shade is literally the same size of product as they would be if you had to purchase them indiviually, but with the convenience if having them all on one flat platform – ideal for makeup artists. If you’re a freelance makeup artist like myself, you could definitely understand how annoying it is to have loose items running around your makeup kit. It’s so difficult to keep them organised and very time consuming to set them up just before a makeup session. Also, I think they really made the right decision by keeping each eyeshadow with individual lids. This way the fallout from the different shades wont get mixed up together, like they would if the whole palette had just one lid on the whole thing. On the other hand, it’s great that they give the option of buying each shade individually, because let’s face it – not everyone necessarily needs all the shades, let along could afford buying them all at one go. With the single eyeshadows you could build your collection slowly without breaking the bank.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on constant replay lately, because whenever I talk about this brand I can’t do nothing but praise their products. None of the items which I’ve tried so fact have let me down, and I can’t wait to try more! Keep an eye out for more Stefania D’Alessandro product reviews coming your way very soon 🙂

Until next time ladies <3